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June 27, 2016
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An Idea to create History

Ideas are generated everyday. Some are good enough to solve our minor official or household problems, while some are great which can change the course of direction of a specific work field, i.e. create history. Great ideas occur less frequently and require greater work on execution. They aren’t necessarily the inception of some paid think tanks or age old philosophers, instead they are formed in moments of out of the box thinking by people with the following skills.

1. Observation: No one can work in a vacuum. Get out and walk around. Whether it is a zoo, a mall or a street, watch people and their activities might click in some way which might give you some unusual idea.


2. Interaction with those you normally don’t approach: Now this might sound a little difficult but it will help you understand the problems of people outside your usual circle. This may also lead you to some solution because you are not yourselves facing their problem, which means you already might have a solution, thus an idea.


3. Reading: Reading expands your thoughts. It takes you to the dimensions you never knew existed. Thus it is one of the best methods to stimulate ideas.


4. Internet Surfing: Like reading, surfing is also very effective. Where dives in deep in a single perception of an author, internet will show many opinions and case studies of numerous people on innumerable no. of topics.



5.Note everything: Whatever idea you like, or find good enough to think about should be jotted down in a single journal. So that you have all your inceptions in a single place for review, addition, change, etc.


6.Meditation: If your mind is crowded, you can not create something which is completely different and fresh. Therefore it is imperative to be at peace. This can be done through meditation and yoga.

All of the above mentioned methods require commitment. Well an idea which creates history will take some time to strike. But when it hits, right execution and implementation can change the present to be not only better tomorrow but also more fun. Thus practice the above techniques and you are bound to come up with some great ideas. Don’t forget to note them down and act on them before it strikes someone else.


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